CC Students Team Up to Power Future Robson Arena Operations

While DU Hockey is focused on their final two trips to the Broadmoor World Arena tomorrow and Saturday, March 6th to enter the postseason on the right foot, CC students are looking to the future following yet another disappointing hockey season.

Colorado College students have been working feverishly to hone plans for improved energy sustainability at their new on-campus hockey arena. According to an article in the student newspaper, The Catalyst,  New Robson Arena Falls Short on Energy Goals on the net-zero carbon use target. So, CC students have developed a three-part plan to help bridge the BTU gap.

CC students have negotiated a long-term supply agreement with Estela’s Mexican Restaurant, China Buffet and The Cow Pub & Grill for long-term access to their grease traps for unfiltered, used cooking oil. The Colorado College Cycling Team will make weekly trips to local eateries to transport the combustible energy supply to Robson Arena.

A custom mobile grease dispensing unit (MGDU) has been designed by the students to support the effort.

The student group ‘Spuds for Buds’ is working with a Colorado Springs culinary center to identify local farm-to-table potato suppliers on the Western Slope to provide potato power to the 120,000 square feet facility.

“Bill Nye was the inspiration for our ‘potato power’ campaign”, the students stated in an announcement.

Finally, students approached the Robson Arena engineers about pouring a cement pad in the student section for six additional student-run bicycle power stations. With a smaller on-campus arena, the students concluded, “If we run short of volunteers, we could always hire locals who lost their seats to do it (pedal) for us.”

It is estimated that with six energy stations, CC can keep 25% of the student section busy at all times during games.

It is still unclear how much these three additional energy sources would contribute to the overall net-zero carbon use target for Robson Arena when it opens next season.

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  1. So, now CC is short on both energy and hockey goals. Dunker thinks they have a better chance to achieve the former.

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