ESPN: Lynnzee Brown’s incredible path to the 2021 NCAA gymnastics championships

If you want to read about the inspirational story of DU’s gymnast Lynnzee Brown, follow this link for a well-written piece by ESPN writer D’Arcy Maine.

Brown’s journey continues Friday when she will contend for individual national titles in the all-around and on all four events during Semifinal I, which is set for Friday, April 16, at 11:00 a.m. MT in Fort Worth Texas.

Photo: Courtesy of Denver Athletics

3 thoughts on “ESPN: Lynnzee Brown’s incredible path to the 2021 NCAA gymnastics championships”

  1. That’s an awesome article. Good luck to Lynnzee. Great person, amazing athlete and competitor, and great representative of DU. I’ll be rooting for her to win it all!

  2. Not seeing a podium this year at the NCAAs should provide plenty of motivation for Lynzee to try one more year, hopefully in a Pio uniform. Fingers are crossed for a return!

  3. Did I read correctly that she finished in 22nd place? If so, that’s quite a distance from what was a reachable individual national championship. But what a difficult year….and what great perseverance she showed to accomplish what she did, not only for herself, but for the whole team. The Big XII championship was epic. Maybe competing without the support of her team in the finals will make her think about coming back for another year. If not, she is already a DU gymnastics legend!

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