#1Day4DU – Spotlight on Women’s Athletics

It is #1Day4DU again and time to consider an annual gift to the University of Denver and, especially, any number of our successful women’s athletic programs. Head volleyball coach Tom Hogan sums it up best: “Our entire athletic department is still recovering from the financial losses we incurred during the COVID year, and every team has been impacted in one way or another through reduced budgets. It’s critical to our long-term competitiveness that we get back our financial footing, so that we can compete with top tier division one programs, and provide an amazing experience for our student-athletes.”

This year, we would like to highlight DU women’s sports. With the exception of one team, every women’s team that competed a full season either won their conference championship and/or participated in the NCAA Tournament. This would be an excellent year to reward these teams and coaches for their outstanding achievements, especially with important projects that will be unmet without our support.

Here is what two DU coaches have to say about their programs heading into next season:

Barbara Perkins – Denver Triathlon

LetsGoDU: What are some of the needs that you have for the program in the upcoming year to be competitive?

Coach Perkins: The triathlon team is working on building a spin studio, getting our own locker rooms, funding for travel, bikes, team building, training trips, recruiting and more! We want to give more future Pioneers the most memorable and unique experience to be Division 1 student-athletes. Our ultimate aim is to build a legacy the University can be proud of!

LetsGoDU: Why should people give to DU Triathlon?

Coach Perkins: We are the newest program at DU and want to build long-lasting ties to the DU community. That begins this year. We want to get the word out there that we are here to make the DU community proud and need support from everyone! As a new program, we are starting the program from the ground up and need as much help as we can get to take this program to the highest level. We appreciate all the support we have already received and look forward to more opportunities to make more ties to the community in the future.

Tom Hogan – Denver Volleyball

LetsGoDU: What are the needs of the volleyball program to stay competitive over the next year?

Coach Hogan: There are several things we need to improve and upgrade in order to stay competitive such as the locker and team room renovation, summer funding, staff development and new technology equipment.

LetsGoDU: Why should people give to DU Volleyball?

Giving to Denver Women’s Volleyball means that you are supporting a program that takes pride in representing the spirit and character of all that the University of Denver stands for. The strong student-athletes of this team demonstrate heart, grit, resolve, and sportsmanship, all while achieving the highest standards of competitive excellence. They inspire the next generation of great Pioneers and empower young girls who see strong, confident, hardworking female athletes. They represent the standards and excellence of the University of Denver, acting as ambassadors during their careers and beyond. They become future leaders in our communities. They show us all what is possible with the spirit and support of DU behind us.”

This is a great time to reward Denver women’s athletes and programs for their outstanding achievements this year. Please consider a gift today.

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