Next Level Burger Joint Set to Open on Evans

We’re mostly meat and potatoes at LetsGoDU but amidst all of the closings and new apartments replacing old favorites, there is going to be a new option out there for others to try near DU. A plant-based burger joint, Next Level Burger, is opening their first restaurant in Colorado, west of DU on Evans Avenue. The chain operates in Oregon and Washington and this will be the chain’s first Colorado spot.

Prior to Next Level, a Starbucks was located on the northwest corner of Evans and Franklin, near Birdcall. However, the site does not have the size for a drive-thru which likely led to the demise of the Starbucks operation – and may provide a similar challenge to Next Level.

According to the restaurant’s website, the restaurants sell a plant-based burger “focused on quality and sustainability” that uses non-GMO and all-organic vegetables. Next Level Burger, founded in Portland, Oregon, claims to be America’s first 100-percent, plant-based burger joint.

The vegan options come at a premium if you look at store prices in Oregon. The menu will include burgers ($9 to $16) featuring a beef style patty, mushroom and quinoa patty, or crispy chik’n patty.  You can order crinkle-cut fries (S-$3.95 L-$5.50), sweet potato fries (S-$4.95 – L-$6.95), or tater tots (S-$4.45-L-$5.95), with the option of toppings such as chili, grilled onions, mushrooms, or Tempeh Bacon. Shakes (S-$6.95, M-$8.45, L-$9.95) made with hand-spun and house-made organic soy or coconut soft-serve ice cream are also available.

American Burger $11.95

We also went to some Yelp reviews in their home state of Oregon to see what customers are saying. By and large, they are very positive. However, there is a mix of opinions.

The prices are ‘next level’ too but if you are into the plant-based lifestyle or even just want to dabble in the ever-growing trend of meatless meat, this may be a place for you.

3 thoughts on “Next Level Burger Joint Set to Open on Evans”

  1. Unfortunately I just don’t see this spot lasting long. That just seem like too high of a price for the neighborhood. I also just don’t see that location being able to a vegan restaurant. Look at what happened when they tried to change The Campus Lounge into a vegan concept.

  2. Looking forward to trying it. If it’s any good, they’ll get a decent amount of money out of me. 9 bucks is a little steep, but at least their veggie burgers are the highlighted item, not like afterthoughts that they are at the fast food joints. Open already, I’m ready for ya.

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