ASU Embraces New Mullett Arena

“We want to create a unique identity, so we are embracing our new home – Mullett Arena”, said ASU hockey head coach  Greg Powers. “We asked Billy Ray Cyrus to be our super fan. Unfortunately, Billy Ray was too busy so we went with David Spade’s Joe Dirt.”

“We have the movie on a loop in our locker room and we post quotes on the walls and mirrors for motivation. ‘Things are gonna happen for me, I’m Joe Dirt’ and ‘Lose that frown. When you’re down, stare at a clown.’

The atmosphere extends beyond the walls of Mullet Arena.

“We had a group of guys from Chino Valley move their broken-down cars and cinder blocks to our parking lot for the atmosphere,” said Powers. “They like hockey, hunting, fishing, drinking, smoking and shooting things – and shop at Walmart. When it’s 110 degrees, they cook up rattlesnakes on the pavement. The guys from Tolleson are begging to join the group but we’d have to pay for extra security.”

Chino Valley members meet in the Mullett parking lot for a pregame throw-down.

“With an acceptance rate of 84%, we want people to know they can get into Mullett Arena as easily as they can get into ASU. Our fans are what it’s all about. I share an important Joe Dirt quote with our players and fans nearly every day, ‘Is this where you wanna be when Jesus comes back?’”

Denver squares off against the Sun Devils this upcoming weekend at the very same Mullett Arena. Puck drop is set for 7:00 pm MT on Friday and 5:00 pm MT on Saturday. If you’re making the trip to Tempe, you can sign up for the pregame Alumni Network pregame get-together HERE.

LetsGoDU will be there too.

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