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Fox 31 News: Where’s Boone and Who’s Responsible?

As we reported yesterday, Boone was escorted out of the Battle on Blake because his face was covered. In the process, Mega Boone was lost as well since Boone was originally in charge of watching after the banner. Continue reading Fox 31 News: Where’s Boone and Who’s Responsible?

With Exhilarating Win Comes Stunning Loss

Photo: This grainy image is the last known sighting of the huge Denver Boone banner, known as ‘Mega Boone’ , which was proudly displayed in the student section after Denver’s 3rd and 4th goals at Coors Stadium.

What started as a night of celebration ended in sadness for Denver Boone when the gigantic Mega-Boone banner disappeared following the win over Colorado College. Continue reading With Exhilarating Win Comes Stunning Loss

Denver Wins Battle on Blake, Sweeps Gold Pan Season Series

In front of a record 35,144 fans at Coors Field, the No. 10 University of Denver Pioneers beat in-state rival, the unranked Colorado College Tigers, 4-1 to cap a memorable Battle on Blake. In the process, the Pioneers swept the season series with the Tigers and improved their record against the team from Colorado Springs to 8-0 in the last two years. Continue reading Denver Wins Battle on Blake, Sweeps Gold Pan Season Series

Health Notice: Jackson’s Restaurant & Sports Bar

The City of Denver Streets and Sanitation department will be blocking off the street around Jackson’s Restaurant at 1520 20th Street, Denver later this afternoon. They have been notified that there will be an unidentified yellow and black stench emanating from the building. It is apparently worse than the Zika Virus – it’s Tiger Memory Disorder where desperate fans think 1957 was yesterday and Young Love by Tab Hunter is still number one on the charts.

Jackson's 3

All three fans will be there – sitting at the bar. Until they power wash all surfaces, LetsGoDU recommends Pioneer patrons avoid this location.


Gameday – Battle on Blake

The BIG Day is finally here! As a reminder, here are the scheduled events. Expect to see Denver Boone and lots of Denver fans at the following:

  • 2:00 Hayter’s & Company
  • 3:15 Rio Grande Mexican Restaurant
  • 4:30 Alumni event @ Club Level Coors Field (RSVP only)
  • 4:50 Denver Boone poster give-away at 4:50 at Coors Field home plate main entrance
  • 6:00 Game Time
  • Ten Minutes to go in-between first and second period – Message from Denver Boone on the scoreboard

Because of the expected crowd, DU has been advising attendees to get there Early.

Battle on Blake 1

Go Pioneers!!!

Sights and Sounds from Battle on Blake Media and Practice Day

When the day started, I thought I was going to write a feature length article about what happened at Coors Field today. After the evening and events were over, I realized there was too much good content to pare it down to just an article. So instead, I’m just going to include many of the great quotes and pictures that I got at today’s media and practice day ahead  of tomorrow’s Battle on Blake.

So without further ado:

On the Battle on Blake Atmosphere

“I expect an unbelievable atmosphere. I think it’s going to be really special for both teams and I think it’ll be special for the state of Colorado in general. The atmosphere is going to be like something none of us have ever experienced.”
Grant Arnold

“I mean it’s a great rivalry especially in this atmosphere. It’s unbelievable. We’re really looking forward to being able to play this game with our teammates and in front of our fans. It’s just going to be a great experience.”
Gabe Levin

“You don’t get many opportunities to play in an outdoor game, so we’re all excited and we’re just going to take it in as much as we can.”
Danton Heinen

“I would love to play in this kind of venue with a rich tradition rivalry like this game is. I mean it’s going to be unbelievable here.”
Jim Montgomery

“I’ve never played outdoors before being from California, so it was a little different for me. After a while it’s just the same game.”
Trevor Moore

View of the ice from the concourse behind home plate.
View of the ice from the concourse behind home plate

On Battle on Blake Expectations

“You know it’s three points that we need. We need to get a victory. This is so fun, but if you don’t win, it’s not going to be as good of a memory, so that’s going to be a big focus. Tomorrow is a hockey game we need to win.”
Grant Arnold

“I think the game will be different because the noise will be different. Skating on the ice here, you’re used to skating on cement and this ice is on stilts a little bit. You feel a vibration under your skates. You never feel that. I think the shadows here are a little bit different, although we saw that in Providence when it was all over the place.”
Jim Montgomery

“I think it’ll be more of a grind it out type of game. Less crisp passes and more getting to the net front with a few more mistakes.”
Trevor Moore

Denver practicing on the ice under the lights at Coors Field
Denver practicing on the ice under the lights at Coors Field

On Expected Game and Ice Conditions

“I thought the ice was really good. A lot better than I expected. They did a great job. I think there were a couple swails in there, but after a couple more zamboni runs to build it up a bit, I think it’ll be great tomorrow night.

“I flipped the puck up in the air because I was wondering if that could be some kind of strategy, but the rink is perfectly centered that when you flip it up, it’s never in the lights. It’s not like a fly ball.”
Jim Montgomery

“It’s a different feel than I thought it would be. I thought it would feel smaller, but it’s so big out here. It’s different, but it’s exciting. I think the ice was about what we expected. There was a little wear and tear as we went along, but it’s to be expected for outdoor hockey.
– Trevor Moore

About 2/3 into their allotted ice time, the Pios took a break for a team picture.
About 2/3 into their allotted ice time, the Pios took a break for a team picture.

On Practice and Media Day

“For me, being a Rockies fan and Colorado native, just walking out there for warm ups is going to be a really special feeling. Today, we’re going to try to get some fun out of the way and tomorrow will be more business like. ”
Grant Arnold

“It was a lot of fun. There’s not a lot of times in my life that I feel like a kid anymore, but I felt like a kindergartner on the first day of school, anxious like you didn’t know what you were going to get. But after a while,  then you started to focus on how this game is going to be different than what we’re used to.

“We wanted to get here so that the guys could get all the excitement out so tomorrow we can be all business and get ready for a hockey game.”
Jim Montgomery

“We didn’t want to wait. We were excited to get out here. We just wanted to see what it was like. It’s beautiful out here. it’s a really cool experience so we’re all just excited about it.”
Trevor Moore on waiting to take the ice

View of the ice from DU's student section
View of the ice from DU’s student section

On Game One in Colorado Springs

“Last night, my focus as the captain and the other leaders on the team was to be really focused and be a really disciplined team. Last night everyone was thinking about Saturday and my message was how committed are we going to be as a group. Can we play another good 60 minutes when a lot of people’s minds are on Saturday. And we did. We responded well.”
Grant Arnold

“I think they did a good job keeping us to the outside. We had a lot of zone time, but we were to the outside. Once we started penetrating the middle of the ice, I think we got more opportunities.”
– Danton Heinen

“I feel good today. I don’t know, it was weird. I was feeling good all day and then in warmups I started to feel a little something and I thought it was just nerves. Then in the first period it just wouldn’t go away.”
Tanner Jaillet after getting sick last night

General Thoughts

“Coming off of two crazy games against North Dakota with an electric atmosphere, Monty’s message to us all week was be pros all week. Try to practice like a pro and act like a pro.”
Grant Arnold on the week’s preparation

“From the start of the year, it’s definitely been Grant. He’s consistently been just a positive, motivating influence. That’s the main thing behind being vocal on the bench. It’s not just to get guys motivated, but also it’s a long game and you have to stay focused on every individual shift. You just want to make sure guys are doing that and I think that staying vocal sort of helps everyone stay in the moment and focus on their jobs for each shift.”
Gabe Levin on the increased bench communication

“I don’t think we adjusted much. I think we just have a different mind set. Everybody’s bought into the process and doing whatever they can to help the team win.”
Danton Heinen on the first and second half season differences

“We’re just going to do more of what we did in the third period last night and have more of a purpose getting to their net-front and then being able to shoot pucks quicker so that they don’t get blocked or that they find lanes or sticks at the net.”
Jim Montgomery on Saturday’s strategy

Damien Goddard to Personally Survey Pioneer Progress

LetsGoDU founder Damien Goddard arrived in Denver on Thursday, February 18th. Mr. Goddard, the driving force behind Denver Boone, will be attending both DU-CC games and making undisclosed personal appearances in the DU area Friday with his entourage. He will be in attendance on Saturday, February 20th at Coors Field for the Battle on Blake and monitor Pioneer Nation progress.

Boone 6
Denver Boone, DU’s unofficial ‘official’ mascot, experienced a rebirth under the tutelage of Mr. Goddard. The affable DU mascot still shares widespread support across the entire DU community.

Denver Extends Gold Pan Winning Streak to 7 with 4-1 Victory

Photo Credit: David Zalubowski, The Denver Post

On Thursday night, in front of a quiet (announced) 6,831 fans at the World Arena, the University of Denver Pioneers skated the Colorado College Tigers out of the building with a 4-1 Gold Pan Rivalry victory. It was Denver’s 7th straight victory over their in-state rivals from down in Colorado Springs. Continue reading Denver Extends Gold Pan Winning Streak to 7 with 4-1 Victory

DU Hockey Mailbag: The Battle on Blake is Finally Here

Photo Credit: Brent Lewis, The Denver Post

It’s been a long 9 and a half months since the Battle on Blake was announced last May. The excitement has built since then with various events and announcements. It’s finally going to culminate in, yep, you guessed it, a game. They’re actually going to play hockey at Coors Field this weekend!

If you haven’t been following LetsGoDU on Twitter, you’ve been missing out on a number of announcements regarding this weekend including what DU will be wearing against CC. If you missed that, no worries, just go ahead and click here. Continue reading DU Hockey Mailbag: The Battle on Blake is Finally Here

Denver Hockey Alums to Skate at Joy Burns Arena

On Wednesday, the University of Denver hockey program announced that a number of program alumni are going to take part in a “friendly scrimmage” at Joy Burns Arena on Friday from 6-8 PM. Admission to the scrimmage is free.

This event comes on the eve of the Battle on Blake between Colorado College and the University of Denver. It reminds some of a version of the alumni game between the Detroit Red Wings and the Colorado Avalanche happening at Coors Field the day before the Stadium Series game next weekend. Continue reading Denver Hockey Alums to Skate at Joy Burns Arena